Diabetes Eye Disease Book Now Available

I’m happy to announce that my new book, “Diabetic Eye Disease – Don’t Go Blind From Diabetes” has been published and is now available on Amazon. The book has received excellent reviews, and in just a few days since its release, as already risen to the #1 spot on Amazon for books about diabetic eye disease.  You can get to the book by clicking on the link on the sidebar.

If you or a member of your family has diabetes, this easy to understand guide will help you understand how diabetes affects the eyes, and more importantly, how you can prevent blindness.  Here is what one of the reviewers had to say:

“This book is a magnificent work and an absolute must-read for people with diabetes. Dr. Khorram has taken one of the most well-known and most serious complications of diabetes — diabetic eye disease — and presented it in a way that is fun and engaging while also reinforcing the serious side of diabetic eyecare. It is such a pleasure to have one of the world’s leading diabetic eye specialists provide his expertise in very plain English to a world of diabetic patients that are literally starving for specific advice about diabetic eyecare and how to avoid their ultimate fear — blindness. As someone who has had diabetes for over 25 years, I am deeply grateful to have a resource like this. Thank you, Dr. Khorram, for a landmark book in diabetes education!”

I’m humbled by this review.  First, I have to make a disclaimer.  I don’t consider myself “one of the world’s leading diabetic eye specialists.”  I just take what I learn from the real giants and geniuses in our field and apply them to my patients, and work hard to teach as many people as possible about the disease and preventing blindness.  Second, I knew this book was needed when I set out to write it, and I believe it’s a great book.  But there is always a bit of surprise — for any writer, perhaps — when others find our work useful  I’m always humbled when someone writes me to tell me that something I’ve written has had an effect on their life.  And there is a part of me that is surprised to have such impact.  I’m grateful to hear back from my readers.


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