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David Khorram, MDThank-you for reading my book, Diabetic Eye Disease – Don’t Go Blind from Diabetes.  I hope that you found the information useful. Every year there’s a lot happening in the field of diabetic eye disease, and it’s my pleasure to keep you updated through my special reports.  To collect your free copy of this year’s report, New Developments in Diabetic Eye Disease, just enter your name and email in the form.

This year’s report includes new information on:

  • Telemedicine and how it can improve your eye care
  • Bogus diabetic eye vitamins you should know about
  • New laser technology that may benefit you
  • Revolutionary new drugs that can help you gain vision
  • And much more…

I look forward to sharing this information with you!

David Khorram, MD

Director, Center for Advanced Diabetic Eye Care

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